Irene Vos


Thirty-five year old painting

There is a thirty-five year old painting in our home that is now prominently displayed on the wall again. It was made by my love during our student days. He doesn’t have hobbies, he has manias, I always joked. This ‘mania’ dates back to days long a go. Because our student budget did not allow for an expensive canvas, he fabricated the frame himself and stretched cheesecloth over it. Then he treated it so he could paint on it. The painting has stood in a forgotten corner for a long time and has survived several moves.

At some point it came back to our house after staying with my brother for a long time. One day we took the painting in the car to a frame shop. There it was given a beautiful frame, which made it even more beautiful. They sometimes say ‘the frame makes the painting’.

Anyway, one evening I was sitting in my armchair staring at the painting. It was like lightning struck. Suddenly I saw something I had never noticed before. I’m sometimes a bit slow to understand, but this time it took a very long time. “Oh, I’m so sorry I’ve never seen this before,” I mumbled with my hand over my mouth. The painting was called ‘Circles’. I had seen the sun and the night with stars, but the deeper meaning had completely escaped me. ‘Good Lord. He painted the universe!’

Two timelines

There is another painting in the hallway that has been given a similar frame. It’s from a few years later. In the center is a large square with a dot painted on it. This painting is inspired by the Borg from the science fiction series Star Trek, a community of cyborgs known as the Borg Collective. Within this collective there are no individuals; they form a collective consciousness in which the Borg operate as a seamless whole, without a will or personality of their own.

At the head of this collective is the Borg Queen, the only one with a separate will and personality. The remaining Borgs, called drones, obey only her orders and completely ignore others unless they are considered a threat or need to be assimilated.

The two paintings symbolize two timelines for me. In my experience, we as humanity are approaching a crossroads where these two timelines converge. Which direction are we taking?

The veil of illusion begins to disappear. The hidden forces are no longer in the wings of the world stage. Our fundamental rights are being incorporated into new laws. Our fought for freedoms and sovereignty can be curtailed digitally in various ways. If you and I don’t stop this, we will be assimilated as humanity. The future sketch of the second painting.

New Age

Many with me are awakening and becoming aware of what has actually been going on for about two thousand years. They also call this awareness process ‘the great awakening’. From January 20 to early September, Pluto stays in Aquarius. I felt it on the night of January 20 to 21, 2024. Suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night and a flow of energy thundered through my body. It was short and intense. At that moment I was still very sleepy and did not realize exactly what I had just experienced. It wasn’t until the next morning that it dawned on me.

Complete transformation

Astrologers report that the old ‘top-down’ system is coming to an end. From early September to mid-November this year there will be some last throes of the old system. Then Pluto will return to Capricorn one last time. Capricorn is about power in systems, having and wanting to retain power and its abuse. Pluto represents total and complete transformation. It may take some time before the changes become visible. After all, it took about twelve years before the French Revolution broke out under the same position of the planets.

Breaking the circle

Because Pluto stays in one sign for a long time, it is also called a ‘generation planet’. Aquarius symbolizes autonomy, independence, freedom, innovation and much more. We have it in us to break the cycle, come up with creative solutions and rediscover and apply lost knowledge. The road leads to peaceful freedom and a green, healthy world for all. There are still many challenges to overcome. Together we build heaven on earth for generations to come. Freddie Mercury once sang it, ‘This could be heaven for everyone’.