Irene Vos

Choose to be free: my spiritual journey


Thirty-five year old painting There is a thirty-five year old painting in our home that is now prominently displayed on the wall again. It was

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Irene veluwe 2

My name is Irene Vos

After 10 years of teaching yoga I closed my yoga studio. A period of withdrawal and healing I am ready to continue my path.

Do we as humanity sense what is currently happening in our world? Do you believe like me that people with integrity can make a difference? My mission in life is unfolding. I want to create a green and healthier world for everyone. After many wanderings I go back to where I originally came from. It has taken many lives and now the cycle is complete. My higher self directs and shows me the way.

I follow this road, no matter how exciting I find this. In surrendering and trust, which is not always easy for me, I transform to a more spiritual path. I manifest my life mission. I take action for new generations to live in freedom. You can follow my (spiritual) journey and experiences and I would love to meet you on the way to a new world. I will share my experiences with you.