Irene Vos

Mother Earth has enough for everyone

Mother Earth has enough for everyone

Currently, many people, including you and me, are being woken up. What makes it so special is that it happens worldwide. Society as we have known it will not return. I think we are all starting to realize that we are moving with this change. We don’t have to be sad about that. We were already at a dead end anyway. It is now just a matter of getting used to it and discovering how we will practically shape these changes. We are all connected I myself am partly responsible. I drink coffee and tea every day and on the tray there is fruit from faraway places, while the people from the countries where all these fantastic products come from hardly have a daily meal or a decent roof over their heads, even if I buy fair trade products. My phone and laptop are packed with raw materials from countries where young children work in mines for starvation wages under harsh conditions. We even have a beautiful daughter from Kenya walking around our house. Because of her I have become more and more aware of this. If we continue to tolerate and look away, at some point this will come back to us like a boomerang. We all live on the same planet. We all breathe the same air, look at the same sun and moon. We are all connected. If it is not good somewhere else, we will get this reflected back.

Why am I here on earth?

I came to earth with a kind of blueprint. Apparently I have a life goal or mission that I want to go through. I am a person who wants to continue to develop, grow and learn. I think that’s the reason for all of us to be here on earth, whether you like it or not. Life, and also your body, are constantly changing. We learn and grow, and we often build on the knowledge and experiences of the past, perhaps even on those of previous lives. Or are we here to rewrite the history of ourselves and the world?

The galaxy and Earth travel through the universe

The Milky Way, the galaxy in which our solar system is located, has a shape that can best be described as a flat vortex. It takes about 200 million years for the galaxy to make one complete revolution. Our solar system and Earth are located in one of the arms of the galaxy, about halfway from the center, at a distance of about 32,000 light-years from the core. To make a long story a little shorter, we are entering a different region of the universe with our galaxy and, from what I understand, this is affecting the energy on Earth.

Changes on Earth

We have arrived in a zone of space consisting of a band of photon energy. Our galaxy, including planet Earth, moves through this band for about 2,000 years, and this event happens about every 11,000 years. Since 2012 we have entered this photon belt. The transition into and out of this photon belt is accompanied by radical weather patterns and earth changes. This is also called the age of Aquarius. Another remarkable thing is happening: lies and untruths are increasingly coming to the light. Deception and manipulation, all forms of greed and oppression travel around the world in a matter of seconds thanks to the Internet. Everything that is dark comes to the light. It reminds me of Dracula, who can only move in the darkness and cannot tolerate light. We are all affected by the increasing light and this new energy. And as a result, we undergo a transformation, resonating at higher frequencies of consciousness. I will come back to that in a moment.

I have been starting to notice it for a while myself and am becoming more and more sensitive to this new energy. To give just a few examples from my own experiences in recent years: nowadays I feel the full moon, the new moon and also the Schumann resonance. I now also see clues that I never saw before. For example, I see certain double numbers such as 1111 and 2222. For me, confirmations that I am on the right track or that certain things have already been arranged. In the spiritual world this is called numerology. This is a whole study in itself, which I have only just become acquainted with. I am learning to listen to my hunches and more importantly, act on them. I open myself up to new insights, have a curious eye and keep asking questions.

Everything is energy

Returning to transforming to higher frequencies: energy consists of different frequencies. For example, the color red has a lower frequency than blue or white. The same applies to our emotions. Guilt and shame have a low frequency, while pleasure, joy and love have a high frequency. Maybe you recognize it: some people around you cost you energy and you prefer to stay away from them. With others you feel good, it is pleasant to be and the energy flows. The higher your own vibrational frequency of energy, the less susceptible both you and I are to outside influences. This allows you to stay true to yourself more easily. A golden rule that I have learned is to think about yourself first, then determine what you want to do and only then consider what you can do for others. This is the way to achieve what you want and share it with others in a healthy way. Mandy Beekman puts it interestingly: ‘Everything is energy, energy is vibration, vibration is frequency and frequency is consciousness.’ Due to the change in the light energy with a high frequency on earth, our consciousness also changes.

Fall and rise

Napoleon Hill wrote previously in his book that there are two reasons for change: from a deep desire or from dire necessity. We can create the new world together and change things to make society more in line with each other’s and our own wishes, in harmony with our planet earth. The current times force us to now also put words to deeds. I think we are at a crossroads of humanity between light and dark or good and evil, or whatever you want to call it. Evil is showing itself more and more clearly. It surfaces in all facets of society. It forces you and me to look at our own shadows.

As inside, so outside

The less pleasant sides of ourselves are indeed expressed in our society. As a well-known saying goes: ‘As within, so without’, or in English: ‘As above, so below’. What happens in our own inner world is reflected in our outer world. If I now turn inside and look at these less pleasant sides of myself and do something with them, a different environment will arise around me. This happens on an individual level and at some point also on a collective level. You can compare it, for example, with fashion or when you buy a red car. Suddenly you see red cars everywhere. You attract people with the same style or taste, they are like-minded people. We can create from imagination and fantasy. We learn from and with each other, and sometimes it takes trial and error. Do you remember the image of a toddler standing up after just learning to walk? It is clear to me that there must be a fairer distribution in the world. I now know that Mother Earth has enough for everyone. She just doesn’t have enough for greed.

Photos: Jose Meboer, creator of awareness