Irene Vos

Choose to be free: my spiritual journey

“The more we are restricted in our freedom, the more we are forced to create our freedom within ourselves. Freedom is a feeling. You find the feeling of freedom within yourself.” I read this in Edith Eva Eger’s book The Choice. I must confess: to continue to find that freedom within myself, is perhaps the […]

Touching is a basic necessity of life

Touching is a basic necessity of life Children whose skin is not touched enough grow and learn less, are sick more often, are less social, and have difficulty communicating. They are ‘uncomfortable in their own skin’. It was a compulsory study cost during my special degree in obstetrics and pediatric nursing. This is why direct […]

Moving between two worlds

Moving between two worlds It was the middle of summer. A warm, sultry night. I woke up and found I couldn’t move except my eyes. For a moment I thought I was dead. Yet I felt that I was in my own bed. I turned my eyes as far to the right as I could […]

Who are the minions?

Our cheerfully hopping daughter wanted so badly to see the movie Minions that had just come out. So on a dull Sunday afternoon, we drove our family to the cinema. 3D was special something new, with those special things on it. We landed on the red plush with a large bowl of salty popcorn and […]